Puppies Available

We do not have any PWD puppies available, nor do we expect to in the near future.

Choosing a Breed

We strongly encourage anyone thinking about purchasing a Portuguese Water Dog to thoroughly educate themselves about the breed and to meet one or more PWDs in person. 
  • PWD Information:
    The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) web site is a great source of information about the breed. A good place to start is: "So you think you want a Portuguese Water Dog".
  • Meet some PWDs in person:
    To find out about meet and greet opportunities we suggest that you contact a nearby Regional PWD Club

Choosing a Breeder

There are many considerations that go into the selection of a breeder - location, personality, the dogs they have, and more. We would like to mention a factor that we, along with other reputable breeders, consider extremely important:

Does the breeder do all PWDCA recommended health testing on their dogs and breed only those whose health test results make them suitable for breeding. Just as important, does the breeder choose mates for their dogs that have all their health testing with test results which make them compatible. Some breeders claim they do health testing on their dogs but really just do just some of the testing.

Please reference this page for the PWDCA recommended health tests & results for a breeding pair.

Most breeders submit their dogs' health test results to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the results will then be listed in the OFA database. In any case, a prospective PWD owner should not hesitate to ask the breeder for documentation of the above health test results for the dam and sire of their planned/available litter of puppies - prior to committing to a puppy from that breeder's litter.

Unless we've met you, we don't provide referrals to specific PWD breeders. We suggest that you visit the PWDCA Breeder Referral page for a list of breeders who do all of the national club's recommended health testing on the dogs they breed.

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