PWDs Available

We do not have any PWDs available, nor do we expect to in the near future.

PWDs are high energy, strong-willed dogs and aren't suitable for every family.  The time to determine whether a PWD is a good fit for your family is before you take one home - not after.  A dog should be a lifetime committment — not something viewed as a returnable commodity.

We strongly encourage anyone thinking about purchasing a Portuguese Water Dog to thoroughly educate themselves about the breed and to meet one or more PWDs in person. 

  • PWD Information:
    The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) web site is a great source of information about the breed. A good place to start is: "Getting a Purebred PWD Puppy" External link.
  • Meet some PWDs in person:
    To find out about meet and greet opportunities we suggest that you contact a nearby Regional PWD Club External link

If you've experienced and are comfortable with the PWD personality and would like to add one to your family, the following are recommended resources:
PWDCA Breeder List External link
PWDCA Rescue External link

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