True Stories *
Tank -
Found one afternoon on the kitchen countertop, having consumed one-half of Grandma's chocolate birthday cake.
Tank -
Looked meek beside his handiwork, Grandpa's hand-crafted side table, now standing on three legs.
Travis -
Proudly stripped a 6" piece of freshly-hung kitchen wall paper off of the wall.
Jack -
Snatched and masticated a thick New York steak, while Mom was calling the poison control center, having discovered the dogs had drunk toilet bowl cleaner from you-know-where (left by a forgetful housekeeper).
Sophie -
Swallowed a whole boned and marinated chicken breast spiced well with hot peppers.
LuLu -
Removed the lid of a one-gallon bottle of "Shout" stain remover, turning the floor into a skating rink.
LuLu -
Pulled Mom's purse down.  First she got the mirror, then the lipstick...
Splash -
Chewed the wallboard off the corner of an entry hall wall.
Sophie -
Tore, chewed and swallowed $1,800 in $50 and $100 bills from Mom's wallet.  The rescue phase began the next day to recover all serial numbers and make them presentable for the bank teller.  Due diligence paid off in full reimbursement.
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* Permission to use granted by Jan Mosher

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