Common PWD Behaviors
With Tips
Counter surfing Many PWDs will put their front paws on your counter/table/stove and try to reach any goodies they can. Remember to push unsupervised food and containers way back from the edge.
Jumping up PWDs love to jump up on people, as they want to be at eye level with them. Of course many people do not like this behavior and may find it scary. Many dog trainers will advise that you turn your back and walk away when you dog jumps on you, but jumping is a very difficult behavior to extinguish. Another option is to work with them on a solid sit and greet.
Protective They will certainly bark at visitors. They may even lunge or even snap at strangers they perceive to be a threat. After all, one of their original jobs was to guard their owner's boat. It can be helpful to desensitize your dog to ringing doorbells and visitors. You may wish to work with your PWD on sit/stay in a designated location until released. It can also be helpful for your dog to have a plush toy in his mouth when people first come to your home.
Mouthiness They use their mouths a lot - they will chew shoes, socks and other items left on the floor. This is especially true for young PWDs. Have a big toy box full of a variety of toys and chews. Keep items off the floor until your PWD is more mature.
Zoomies They will occasionally tear around the yard at a high rate of speed - going round and round. This is a great energy expender for your PWD. Enjoy!
Boredom They can get bored easily and a bored dog may become a bad dog. Keep them busy. When you aren't able to interact with your PWD, try food dispensing toys such as bob-a-lot & kongs stuffed with cheese or peanut butter.

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