Pedigree of Lakecrew's Mabon Blessing, "Ember"
   CH Anacove La Primera Samba
   MBISS CH Pinehaven On The Town 
    CH White Cap Graca Bravata
  BIS CH Downeast Elf About Town  
    CH Watermark Cartmel Carbon IV
   CH Downeast Claudia Shipper 
    CH Aquarelle Trek Of Downeast
GCH Manitou Lone Star
(Call)   MBISS CH Pinehaven On The Town
   CH Watermark Boatdog Of SSRaven 
    Cartmel Two If By Sea
  CH Pinehaven Funny Girl  
    CH Del Sur Makin All The Right Moves
   CH Pinehaven Drama Queen 
    CH Pinehaven Zanzibar

    CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
   CH Pouch Cove's Patriot  
    CH Pinehaven Prime Time
  AM CAN CH Pouch Cove's Stand & Deliver  
    BISS CH Watermark Toby's Black Jack
   CH Akire Supa Chunky Monkey  
    CH Sun Joy's Akire Supa Dupa
CH Pouch Cove's Lady of the Lake
(Vivi)   CH Pinehaven The Pretender
   MBISS CH Questar's Thunder and Lightning  
    CH Questar's Athena Nike
  CH Raffles Plainly Pouch Cove   
    CH Pinehaven It Had To Be You
   CH Pinehaven's Grandlares Showoff 
    CH Pinehaven Greta Garbo

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