Maggie X Max Litter Pedigree
   Cartmel The Seafarer
   Eng. CH Cartmel Sea Goblet  
    Cartmel Sea-Diver
  CH Cartmel Sea Master (Carlo)   
    Cartmel The Seafarer
   Cartmel Sea Siren  
    Cartmel Celebration
GCH Dandelion's Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Max)
    CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin (Benjamin)
   CH Pouch Cove's Patriot (Nick)  
    CH Pinehaven Prime Time (Cybil)
  GCH Pouch Cove's Darbydale Incognito (Indy)   
    CH Questar's Betelgeuse At Raffles (Nemo)
   CH Raffles Hello Pouch Cove (Dolly)  
    CH Anji Formal Attire De Galvez (Ayza)

    Swed. CH Gnupens Maktiga Triton (Triton)
   Abadessan's Marked Man At CnSand (Gotti)  
    Dan. CH CnSand Cosmos Poetry In Ocean (Rhyme)
  GCH Pickwick's Jailhouse Rock (Bugsy)   
    CH Do Gato's A Cura Com Amor (Jonah)
   CH Pickwick Ariellas All About Me (Duffy)  
    Pickwick Ariella Del Pacifica (Tinker)
CH Lakecrew Order of Magellan (Maggie)
    CH Pouch Cove's Patriot (Nick)
   Am. Can. CH Pouch Cove's Stand & Deliver (Stanley)  
    CH Akire Supa Chunky Monkey (Grrilla)
  CH Pouch Cove's Lady of the Lake (Vivi)   
    MBISS CH Questar Thunder And Lighning (Rascal)
   CH Raffles Plainly Pouch Cove (Jane)  
    CH Pinehaven Grand Lare's Showoff (Amy)

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